• Greg and Director of Orphan Programs Maria Morales visit an orphanage in Port au Prince.
  • President Greg Cronin and Dr. Mohamed plant papaya seeds with children in an IDP camp.
  • Royalty Free Haiti music teacher Fashion finds inspiration at the beach.
  • Haitian children in their Sunday clothing visiting a health clinic.
  • A teenager from the orphanage playing violin.
  • Director Faine Lartigue loves children.
  • Cutest girl ever!
  • Distributing tarps to residents in camp.
  • Planting vetiver in camp.
  • Fashion at the beautiful Bassin Bleu.
  • Welcomed view after a hard day of work.
  • Our first studio at Mr. PON's place, Block A. Recording "Go Away Cholera".


Yon Sel Lanmou is Kreyol for “One Love”. Yon Sel Lanmou 501(c)3 mission is to use LOVE to build a thriving, sustainable Haiti. We do this in solidarity with Haitians. Yon Sel Lanmou has Haitian leadership that works closely with local Haitian stakeholders to assure that our projects are effective, welcomed, and sensitive to cultural needs. Love of self, love for others, love of life, love of environment, love of knowledge, love of happiness, and love of arts will guide our programs. Our projects are diverse, and capitalize on opportunities as they are presented, but the common theme to all of them is Love.

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