Amelia Laing Endorses Royalty Free Haiti

Amelia Laing is a Haitian scholar, wrote a thesis on the Haitian Revolution, and has spent a lot of time in Haiti.  Yon Sel Lanmou respects her opinions on Haiti, which makes this endorsement that much sweeter.  See her original post here.


If you want to look as AWESOME as I look in this photo, you’ll send some love and $ to Royalty Free Haiti, a Denver-based non-profit that works to provide essential music and language education to Haitian children. For $25, you get a sweet shirt, and you’ll be supporting a great project (you can donate more or less, anything helps). I don’t often post “cause” links, but I really believe in this one.What sets RFH apart is that it listens to the people it wants to help. The people behind RFH have taken the time to learn about Haiti’s rich history, language, and culture, and all their decisions are made with respect and community in mind. Historically, Haiti’s people have been repeatedly silenced, by NGOs and foreign governments. RFH is working to break the silence and give Haitians the tools to broadcast their thoughts to a wider audience, be it through music or language education. Their thoughts need to be heard, unfiltered and unfettered. So give. Much love. #YonSelLanmou #RoyaltyFreeHaitiLearn more about RFH and donate here:


Thanks Amelia.  Yon Sel Lanmou


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