Royalty Free Haiti featured in the Westword

Westword magazine wrote a story about Royalty Free Haiti.  Kalyn was interviewed for the article.


  • The YSL classroom at Vilaj Mozayik. Video screen on left.
  • Proud Taino and Haitian Revolution history
  • All ages can learn to grow edible forests.
  • ready for students
  • Greg's 1st trip to Haiti, jamming in camp.
  • Royalty Free Haiti music teacher Fashion finds inspiration at the beach.
  • Kalyn, the catalyst for Radio Free Haiti.
  • A teenager from the orphanage playing violin.
  • Instructor Welele keeping time.
  • Yon Sel Lanmou produces music and concerts featuring Haitian and Denver musicians.
  • Instructor Fashion, free-styler extraordinaire.
  • 2 Rasin, featuring 3 Royalty Free Haiti instructors, jamming with another RFH instructor, Fashion.
  • Instructor Mr. PON and Greg have worked together since 2010.

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