Decolonization Session

Crew after a hard day of work.
Crew after a hard day of work.

Decolonization: Healing the Spirit, Mind, and Land

A Special Session of the International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment

June 11-14, 2019
Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel
San Juan, Puerto Rico (Boriken)

Abstract submission is due May 1, 2019:
Please note that your abstract is intended for the Decolonization Session

The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association, Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle, and Yon Sel Lanmou (means “One Love” in Haitian Kreyol) are partnering to bring a special session about decolonization. European colonization of the Western Hemisphere began in the Caribbean in 1492, in the region where IICE is being held. Decolonization is an effort to acknowledge harms perpetrated on Indigenous People and Land by five centuries of exploitative settler colonization, to build solidarity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and begin to heal the Spirit, Mind, and Land through a respectful promotion of Indigenous spirituality, knowledge, and agroecological practices.
We invite any paper, presentation, prayer, or performance related to using the transdisciplinary approach in ways that promote Indigenous culture, restore ecosystem functions, promote indigenous agroecological practices and food sovereignty, and indigenize environmental education. Talks in any language are welcomed, though the majority of attendees speak English. We will try to provide translation if appropriate.
While we feel that decolonization is critically import for healing people and the land, we also acknowledge that the process can be difficult and painful. Colonization caused great harm to the colonized and the colonizer: a first step of decolonization is acknowledging, sharing, and discussing these harms for reconciliation to occur. This special session will bravely, respectfully, and purposefully address decolonization by Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants of IICE. We hope to build lasting relationships so that we can move forward, in solidarity, to heal the spirit, mind, and land for generations to come.
Yon Sel Lanmou works to create a thriving, sustainable society in Haiti, in solidarity with Haitians. Haiti is country with a rich culture and history, who has been greatly oppressed by genocide and slavery, resulting in severely degraded ecological and agricultural systems. An outcome of the decolonization session will be to bring Indigenous Caribbeans, Haitians, scholars, and stakeholders together to discuss positive paths forward. We want to build long-lasting relationships that will work towards decolonization.

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