YSL classroom at Mozayik is open

The Yon Sel Lanmou classroom is finished, and is being used to show documentary films, teach classes, hold community functions, and as sleeping spaces for large visiting groups. In the event of a hurricane, the solid building will serve as a storm shelter. The classroom has a large white screen, blackboard, tables and chairs, and posters that remind us that Haitians are proud descendants of the Taino and victors of the Haitian Revolution. We thank the Zale family for the funds to build the studio/school.

Video of Mozayik Director Candice Welsh holding a popular English class.

  • The YSL classroom at Vilaj Mozayik. Video screen on left.
  • Proud Taino and Haitian Revolution history
  • ready for students
  • community fun
  • sleeping space
  • Angelyne, Greg, and Tipale. Angelyne is the manager of the classroom, and also teaches.