About YSL

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Mission Statement
Yon Sel Lanmou’s mission is to use LOVE to build a thriving, sustainable Haiti. Love of self, love for others, love of life, love of environment, love of knowledge, love of happiness, and love of arts will guide our programs. Our projects are diverse, and capitalize on opportunities as they are presented, but the common theme to all of them is Love.

Origin of Name
“Yon Sel Lanmou” is the first Kreyol phrase that founder Greg Cronin learned. In evenings Greg would grab a guitar, leave the large tent where American volunteers lived, and go to camp to hang out with Haitians. While singing “One Love, is what I got” to the popular Sublime melody with a gathering of friends, James (who was working on the vetiver grass project at the time) translated the lyric to “Yon Sel Lanmou…”. It seems appropriate to name our group after this phrase given the crucial importance ‘One Love’ plays in directing our efforts.


Love of Self: That every person appreciates their value. Self-esteem and self-pride should be realized by everyone regardless of material goods, education level, or wealth.

Love of Others: We are in this together. Our success depends on teamwork, and loving others, welcoming others, and appreciating diversity is not only the right thing to do, but will result in faster results.

Love of Life: Haitians have a special appreciation life and freedom. Founded after centuries of slavery and genocide, and recent memories of the death and destruction of the earthquake, Haitians know how to love life like no other.

Love of Environment: We know that environmental health and human prosperity are intimately interconnected. Yon Sel Lanmou will restore natural ecosystems so society can benefit from the services that healthy ecosystems provide, such as food, clean water, clean air, fuel, wood, and soil.

Love of Knowledge: We believe that knowledge is the key to success, and education and experience are the keys to gaining knowledge. Once people know about issues, they can use that knowledge to create positive change.

Love of Arts: Arts inspire the human spirit. Combined with knowledge, arts will motivate people to create the change they want to see in their society. The arts are also a great vehicle for imparting knowledge to the masses.

Love of Happiness: Yon Sel Lanmou values happiness. Smiles and laughter are abundant at projects sponsored by us. Working together to create a thriving, sustainable Haiti is rewarding and fun… and makes us happy.

Explore Greg Cronin’s scholarly efforts to achieve Yon Sel Lanmou’s efforts in this Prezi.

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