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Alexandra Pierre is awarded YSL’s Jean Wiener Environmental Scholarship


Yon Sel Lanmou created an Environmental Scholarship in Jean Wiener’s name to encourage bright young Haitians to consider environmental careers. We congratulate Alexandra Pierre for receiving the 1st Jean Wiener Environmental Scholarship, that she will use to finish her Masters degree in Water and Environment from Haiti State University. She posted on her Facebook page “I hope one day I will become a female “Jean Wiener” in the marine field, as the ocean has always been my passion as a young scientist.”

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YSL Founder/President presents at International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment

Jean Wiener, 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize winner,  and Greg Cronin
Jean Wiener, Director of FoProBiM, and Greg Cronin
Greg presented a paper titled “Will the Caracol Industrial Park bring progress or environmental disaster?” during the 21st IICE in Puerto Rico June 10-13. The talk included the research that he conducted with Jean Wiener in 2013, the challenges faced by the growing population of Caracol, and encouraging possibilities that economic development and environmental protection can occur simultaneously. Education and wise planning will be crucial to avert grave environmental damage.
During the conference, participants visited Casa Pueblo, a 35-year old organization that uses science, community, and culture to protect Puerto Rico’s environment while improving the livelihood of people. We were greeted with a live performance by students of the Casa Pueblo music school. Alexis Massol-González, founding Director of Casa Pueblo and recipient of the 2002 Goldman Environmental Prize, began his talk by playing “Imagine” by John Lennon. In his talk, Alexis Massol emphasized that they experienced limited success with science alone, attracting 1 participant to their first activity. By adding culture and community to the equation, they had 35,000 people participate in efforts to stop a gas pipeline through sensitive habitats. He proudly shared a photograph of himself being handcuffed at a White House protest, which reminded participants of their colleague Adam Briggle’s arrest in Denton, TX two weeks ago. The parallels between Casa Pueblo and Yon Sel Lanmou are many, and gives us encouragement for what we can accomplish over the decades for Haiti and the world, using science to generate knowledge and culture to activate the community.

See what decades of dedication has accomplished for Jean Wiener here:

The Prezi for the talk can be viewed here:

Yon Sel Lanmou

Yon Sel Lanmou Welcomes Bondemen Haiti

Bondemen Haiti and Yon Sel Lanmou are neighbors! We partnered in Kanaval 2015 Port au Prince and with YSL’s Royalty Free Haiti school held on the Bondemen campus in Port au Prince. We have been friends before YSL or BDH were formed. Yesterday, Bondemen Haiti acquired land next door to YSL land in Croix des Bouquets thanks to Dr. Brutus and H.E.L.P., Inc. BDH and YSL will build a studio together at the new site, and help each other grow food, plant trees, up-cycle trash, teach children, and create economic opportunity in our new community. Yon Sel Lanmou.

Yon Sel Lanmou Environmental Scholarship

Land cover, just one of the GIS data layers that we have.  Contact Greg Cronin if you have a project that would benefit from GIS.
Land cover, just one of the GIS data layers that we have. Contact Greg Cronin if you have a project that would benefit from GIS.

Youn nan bi kle Yon Sèl Lanmou genyen se pou reyabilite sèvis ke sistèm ekolojik an Ayiti bay ni sosyete moun ni tout bèt nan raje k ap depann sou yo. Menm jan ak tout lòt travay Yon Sèl Lanmou fè yo, nou vle pou Ayisyen pran devan nan mennen travay sa, baze sou prensip ke reyabilitasyon sistèm ekolojik lokal dwe mennen pa moun lokal yo. Bi sa pral kreye kèk opòtinite tou, paske gen plizyè santèn mil dola ki disponib chak ane pou etidye biyodivèsite ak sistèm ekolojik. Kounye a se syantifik etranje ki jwenn fon sa yo pou vin fè etid yo nan Ayiti epi ale lakay yo apre. Yon Sèl Lanmou kwe ke donatè yo ta pito finanse syantifik Ayisyen ki kalifye yo pou fè etid konsèvasyon ak anviwonman yo. Men sa yo pa jwenn se ‘syantifik Ayisyen kalifye’. Pa gen ase Ayisyen ki gen nivo edikasyon ak eksperyans pou yo mennen pwojè syantifik sou biyoloji konsèvasyon ak anviwonman yo. Pou ede ranpli vid sa, Yon Sèl Lanmou ap ofri yon bouse detid 50,000 HTG pou yon Ayisyen k ap chèche yon karyè nan domenn ekoloji, biyoloji konsèvasyon, syans anviwonman oubyen yon lòt ki gen rapò dirèk ak sa yo. Elèv yo pral resevwa bouse la pou peye edikasyon yo, kèlkeswa kote yo enskri ladan.
N ap bay bouse sa pou moun ke nou detèmine gen plis kapasite pou’l fè plis enpak sou pwoteksyon anviwonman ak rekiperasyon sistèm ekolojik ak biyodivèsite an Ayiti.
Denyè dat pou bay aplikasyon an se 18 Me, 2015 (Fèt Inivèsite ak Fèt Drapo). Tanpri, voye tout enfòmasyon swivan yo bay ak “Yon Sel Lanmou Scholarship” kòm sijè:
1. Non
2. Enstitisyon kote w pral etidye, ak adrès li
3. Domenn detid
4. Adrès lakay w (si li disponib)
5. Adrès imel
6. Non ak nimewo telefòn Pwofesè ou Direktè enstitisyon an.
7. Yon paj ekri swa an Angle ou Kreyòl k ap eksplike: Poukisa w ap fè aplikasyon pou bouse sa?; Ki objèktif ou genyen nan karyè w?; Kouman ou wè etat anviwonman an Ayiti, ki vizyon ou genyen pou pi devan, epi ki plan ou genyen pou reyalize vizyon sa?

Yon Sel Lanmou,
Greg Cronin, Ph.D.
Prezidan /Fondatè Yon Sel Lanmou

A central goal of Yon Sel Lanmou is to restore Haiti’s ecosystem services that human society and wildlife depend upon. As with all Yon Sel Lanmou efforts, we want this to be Haitian-driven, based on the principle that ecosystem restoration should be locally driven. This goal also creates opportunity for Haitians, as $100,000’s are available to study and protect biodiversity and ecosystems every year. Currently, these funds are awarded to foreign scientists who visit Haiti to conduct funded studies, but then leave. Yon Sel Lanmou believes that funding agencies would prefer to award studies to qualified Haitian scientists to carry out conservation and environmental studies. The missing piece is ‘qualified Haitian scientists’’. There simply are too few Haitians with the education and training to carry out conservation biology and environmental science projects. To help fill this void, Yon Sel Lanmou is offering a 50,000 HTG scholarship to a Haitian pursuing a career in ecology, conservation biology, environmental sciences, or closely related field. The funds are awarded to the students, to be used to fund their education wherever they are enrolled.
This competitive scholarship will be awarded to the individual who will have the greatest impact on protecting and restoring Haiti’s ecosystems and biodiversity. This individual should have a love for nature and a love for Haiti.
The application deadline is May 18 2015 (Universities Day and Flag Day). Please send the following information to with “Yon Sel Lanmou Scholarship” in the subject heading:
1. Name
2. Institution where you would conduct your studies, and institution’s address
3. Field of study
4. Personal physical address (if available)
5. Email address
6. Name and phone number of your Professor or Dean.
7. 1 page Essay in English or Kreyol (Why are you applying for this scholarship? What are your career goals? What is your current assessment of Haiti’s environment, your vision of the future, and your plan to accomplish your vision?)

Yon Sel Lanmou,
Greg Cronin, Ph.D.
President /Founder of Yon Sel Lanmou

YSL joins CFDE Univ

Dean Georges Brunet, Dr. Michel Brutus, 3 students, and Greg Cronin show One Love.

Yon Sel Lanmou President Greg Cronin is now an adjunct professor at Centre de Formation et de Développement Économique (CFDE) University. He will co-teach a course in project development this spring, and teach ‘aquaponic farming’ once the FEED HAITI aquaponic system is operating.

Education needed for marine protected area to succeed

Haitian harpoon whale in MPA
The photo shows the humpback whale with a harpoon in its back. It died soon after.
The 3 Bays Marine Park in northern Haiti that was formed after an ecological assessment of the area by Yon Sel Lanmou and FoProBiM needs education and enforcement to succeed. We witnessed illegal harvesting of mangroves for charcoal in early January, and three days after we left the area, fishermen killed a humpback whale that entered the MPA. A brief article is here:

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Yon Sel Lanmou 5th Quake Anniversary Remembrance

Thanks to all who made this a huge success.
Click here for video.

Yon Sel Lanmou with N a Sonje is producing a community event to remember the victims of the earthquake that struck 5 years ago, to celebrate the lives of survivors, and share hope for the future. The day will include speeches by community leaders, a documentary about Village Mozayik, videos of the quake, music by Kob Nwa, Augustin Mona, and 2 Rasin, food, and beverage. Tickets are free, but limited to the event. Anybody can view our webcam of the event, so click join/going, and remember with us. Map it here:,-72.231309,13z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x94614e74edd8aec3

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

View the event live here:


Click here to see our web site translated into Kreyol.

GIS Expert Wanted

Meg, Rafael, and Greg in front of the poster featuring the GIS database that they made for Haiti.  GIS can be used for many purposes.
Meg, Rafael, and Greg in front of the poster featuring the GIS database that they made for Haiti. GIS can be used for many purposes.

Yon Sel Lanmou has a GIS database for the entire country of Haiti, GIS software, and a dedicated GIS laptop. What we need is a GIS expert to put these valuable tools to good use in Haiti. Contact Greg Cronin if you are interested, and feel free to share this with people that are qualified. Yon Sel Lanmou