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Royalty Free Haiti featured in the Westword

Westword magazine wrote a story about Royalty Free Haiti.  Kalyn was interviewed for the article.


4th Annual Haiti Benefit Concert

The 4th Annual Haiti Benefit Concert will take place Nov.8,2013 at the Colorado Art Center. Kalyn made the poster and will be performing. Greg’s band Mute Man’s Microphone will be performing, as will Fast4Ward. Theo Wilson will emcee. There will be a greater focus on Haitian culture and fundraising this year. YSL is partnering with the local Haitian community to provide Haitian food, art, and dance. There will be plenty of “open mic” opportunity for people to talk about their Haitian experiences. Join us!


The camp where Greg first stayed in Haiti.

Vetiver grass planting in Petionville Camp

In cooperation with J/P HRO and CRS, Greg Cronin led a team of Haitian women and men to plant vetiver grass to restore some ecosystem services provided by vegetation such as soil stabilization and fertility, flood control, and biomass production. The project built community, made the camp look better, and continued long after Greg returned to the US. Greg saw when he returned to camp that the vetiver had thrived in most areas, and was being used in unattended ways, such as drying clothes, forage, and as trellises for gardens.