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Mona Augustin Releases Mamamee

Our dear friend Mona Augustin has been an outspoken supporter of Haitian people, and of Yon Sel Lanmou. He has performed at our benefit concert, is an instructor at Royalty Free Haiti, and has selflessly devoted heroic efforts to support Village Mozayik. This gifted musician recently released the CD Mamamee that we encourage you to purchase. In additional to getting to hear amazing original Haitian music, you will know that your purchase is benefiting Village Mozayik featured in this documentary. Click here to purchase the CD.

Great video of Mona entertaining kids at HELP, Inc.

YSL’s Royalty Free Haiti and Vetiver System team up

The Director of the first Royalty Free Haiti school, Najee Dread, plants vetiver grass on his land with YSL President Greg Cronin, his family, and some RFH students. Najee says the vetiver grass will stabilize the soil on his steep property, where he plans to grow beans, peppers, melons, corn, and fruit trees. Visit the Royalty Free Haiti and Vetiver System pages to learn more about the individual projects.



Royalty Free Haiti Kickoff Show


Facebook Event

Come party with us before we head out to Haiti for a month! A group of us are going to bring access to music education and technology to our Haitian friends!! We’ll have our awesome Royalty Free Haiti shirts, patches, and necklaces available. Dryer Plug Studios has been so generous to this project, it’s only right we go out at our favorite space! community, music, drinks, what more do you want??

Special Performances by:
Wheelchair Sports Camp
Molina Speaks & Randy Runyan (Everyday Denver pre- release)
The Knew
Ill Seven
Rattlesnake & more

if you can’t make our event… please look at our indiegogo where you can make a donation for merch, the samplebank, original art, etc.

Amelia Laing Endorses Royalty Free Haiti

Amelia Laing is a Haitian scholar, wrote a thesis on the Haitian Revolution, and has spent a lot of time in Haiti.  Yon Sel Lanmou respects her opinions on Haiti, which makes this endorsement that much sweeter.  See her original post here.


If you want to look as AWESOME as I look in this photo, you’ll send some love and $ to Royalty Free Haiti, a Denver-based non-profit that works to provide essential music and language education to Haitian children. For $25, you get a sweet shirt, and you’ll be supporting a great project (you can donate more or less, anything helps). I don’t often post “cause” links, but I really believe in this one.What sets RFH apart is that it listens to the people it wants to help. The people behind RFH have taken the time to learn about Haiti’s rich history, language, and culture, and all their decisions are made with respect and community in mind. Historically, Haiti’s people have been repeatedly silenced, by NGOs and foreign governments. RFH is working to break the silence and give Haitians the tools to broadcast their thoughts to a wider audience, be it through music or language education. Their thoughts need to be heard, unfiltered and unfettered. So give. Much love. #YonSelLanmou #RoyaltyFreeHaitiLearn more about RFH and donate here:


Thanks Amelia.  Yon Sel Lanmou


Royalty Free Haiti featured in the Westword

Westword magazine wrote a story about Royalty Free Haiti.  Kalyn was interviewed for the article.


  • The YSL classroom at Vilaj Mozayik. Video screen on left.
  • Proud Taino and Haitian Revolution history
  • All ages can learn to grow edible forests.
  • ready for students
  • Greg's 1st trip to Haiti, jamming in camp.
  • Royalty Free Haiti music teacher Fashion finds inspiration at the beach.
  • Kalyn, the catalyst for Radio Free Haiti.
  • A teenager from the orphanage playing violin.
  • Instructor Welele keeping time.
  • Yon Sel Lanmou produces music and concerts featuring Haitian and Denver musicians.
  • Instructor Fashion, free-styler extraordinaire.
  • 2 Rasin, featuring 3 Royalty Free Haiti instructors, jamming with another RFH instructor, Fashion.
  • Instructor Mr. PON and Greg have worked together since 2010.

4th Annual Haiti Benefit Concert

The 4th Annual Haiti Benefit Concert will take place Nov.8,2013 at the Colorado Art Center. Kalyn made the poster and will be performing. Greg’s band Mute Man’s Microphone will be performing, as will Fast4Ward. Theo Wilson will emcee. There will be a greater focus on Haitian culture and fundraising this year. YSL is partnering with the local Haitian community to provide Haitian food, art, and dance. There will be plenty of “open mic” opportunity for people to talk about their Haitian experiences. Join us!


The camp where Greg first stayed in Haiti.

Vetiver grass planting in Petionville Camp

In cooperation with J/P HRO and CRS, Greg Cronin led a team of Haitian women and men to plant vetiver grass to restore some ecosystem services provided by vegetation such as soil stabilization and fertility, flood control, and biomass production. The project built community, made the camp look better, and continued long after Greg returned to the US. Greg saw when he returned to camp that the vetiver had thrived in most areas, and was being used in unattended ways, such as drying clothes, forage, and as trellises for gardens.