Hurricane Matthew Relief

Yon Sel Lanmou Director Alexandra Pierre is leading our effort to assist victims of Hurricane Matthew. We are working closely with our friends at Bondemen Haiti, who are headquartered in Les Cayes, a location that received heavy damage from the storm. We have started a GoFundMe campaign, but ask that your donations be made through our PayPal account because the fees are lower. We want your donation to help the most Haitians possible, and not go to pay GoFundMe fees.
We feel like our relief effort is the best way to spend your donations, because we actually asked Haitians what they needed. Our care packages include the food ingredients that Haitians prefer (rice, beans, spaghetti, sugar, chocolate, and oil), tablets for sanitizing water (this can help prevent the spread of cholera and other water-born diseases, a bucket to carry water, soap, sponge, tooth brushes, toothpaste . We are purchasing the food and supplies from Haitian farmers and Haitian businesses, strengthening their economy while helping Haitian victims of the storm.
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