Yon Sel Lanmou President Greg Cronin wrote a proposal that would have brought his friend Mona Augustin to the USA. Mona is a Haitian musician and the manager of the earthquake camp, Village Mozayik. The proposal would have supported a national tour to show the documentary made about Mozayik’s struggle to find a permanent home, and highlight Mona’s art and music. Though discouraged that the proposal was not funded, Greg and Mona moved forward. Mona received a 5-year visa and made an abbreviated US tour. Generous donations made to Mozayik through Yon Sel Lanmou were used to purchase land in Hinche, Haiti.

Yon Sel Lanmou, N a Sonje, Mona, William Louissant, and Candice Schneider are working to relocate Mozayik to the vacant land. Yon Sel Lanmou is providing ubuntublox to build structures, logistical support, aerial survey of the land, and a drinking-water system. This ongoing project needs more financial support for relocation costs, and to purchase more land for residents to farm. This web page will be updated periodically, but eventually Mozayik will have their own non-profit and web page. Donations made through the donation button below are earmarked for Mozayik, and not for Yon Sel Lanmou’s general fund. As always, all donations directly benefit Haitians. Yon Sel Lanmou does not pay American staff.

The trailer for the Mozayik documentary can be seen here:

Mozayik Trailer from Jon Bougher on Vimeo.

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